Walking Tracks in the Huon Valley

Tahune Adventures 
Location :Arve Rd, Geeveston Tas
Grade: Easy
An adventure for the whole family can be found at Tahune Adventure, from simple walking trails, eagle hand gliding, rafting tours.  Fees do apply 
Web: Tahune Adventures

Billy Brown’s Falls

Location: Judbury

Time: 1.5 hrs return.
Grade: Moderate
The Falls and Bushwalk are approximately 12km up Judds Creek Road in Judbury, accessible by 4WD only. The bushwalk starts at the side of Judds Creek Road, and is signposted. Walk through beautiful fern gullies and tall eucalypt trees to the Falls. Look out for one very large, tall tree. 

Maps & Full Details: Billy Brown Falls - Judbury

Mickeys Beach

Location: Cygnet
Time: 3 hrs
Grade: Easy
Located near Cygnet, this easy 2km return walk between Randalls Bay and Mickeys beach is an enjoyable way to spend an early morning or late afternoon when visiting the area. Leaving from the west end of Randalls Bay, the trail climbs a small set of stairs before skirting the native eucalypt coastal heath above. 500m into the walk, a short detour leads south to the tip of the coast. From here views of Cray Point in the foreground and Bruny Island in the distance, across D’Entrecasteaux Channel, are achieved. The trial continues, gently meandering down to Mickeys Beach along a wide sandy track. Mickeys Beach is a pretty and secluded small beach with nice views. The trail returns via the same route.

Maps & Full Details:  Mickeys Beach

Pelverata Falls 

Location: Sung Tiers Nature Recreation Area
Time: 3 hrs return.
Grade: Moderate
Walk through mainly light forest to these impressive falls – particularly after rain. 

Maps & Full Details: Pelverata Falls

Snug Falls 

Location: Sung Tiers Nature Recreation Area
Time: 1hr return.
Grade: Easy
A wonderful walk down to a cool, fern-lined gully at the base of a lovely waterfall 

Maps & Full Details:  Snug Falls

Fishers Point

Location: Southwest National Park.
Time: 1.5hrs return.
Grade: Easy
On this fascinating walk discover whalebones, rock pools and the remains of the old pilot station and lighthouse. Please do not remove any items 

Maps & Full Details: Fishers Point

Hartz Peak Wall  

Location: Hartz National Park
Time:  3 to 5 hrs return
Grade: Easy
On a clear day Hartz Peak will give you one of the greatest views of the southern chunk of Tasmania; looking south-west you can see Federation Peak sticking out of the rolling hills like Cerberus’s rotten canine tooth, further north you might also be lucky to catch a look at Mt Anne.  The walk is well made and fairly easy in clear weather. Regardless of the weather the walk is great; enjoy either the beautiful views or the unnerving feeling being engulfed in an abyss of darkened clouds

Maps & Full Details: Hartz Mountain

Arve Falls

Location: Hartz National Park
Time: 20 mins return.
Grade: Easy

Maps & Full Details:  Arve Falls

Lake Esperane.

Location: Hartz National Park
Time: 2 hrs return.
Grade: Moderate.
Lake Esperance is a beautiful glacier formed tarn on the in the alpine heathland of the Hartz Mountain. The walk is easy and timber boarded for almost its entirety. Lake Esperance is often used as a rest point for the longer Hartz Peak walk.

Maps & Full Details:  Lake Esperance

Tahune Forest Reserve

Location: Arve Road Geeveston
Tahune Airwalk. Time: 40 mins return. Easy Swinging Bridges. Time: 1 hr return. Easy Huon Pine Walk. Time: 20 mins return. Easy  

Maps & Full Details : Tahune Forest Reserve

Mt Misery Walk

Location: Huon Bush Retreats, Browns Road, Ranelagh
Time: 4 hrs return. Grade: Moderate
Walk through rainforest and sub-alpine heath lands on a private habitat reserve. Day guests are welcome. 

Maps & Full Details: Mt Misery Walk

Mystery Creek Cave Track

Location: Inland from Ida Bay.
Time: 2 hrs return.
Grade: Easy
This track leads into Southwest National Park, to the remains of a limestone quarry and then onto the entrance of the Mystery Creek Cave. If heavy rain has occurred over the past few days, or an unusual amount of rain has fallen, it is recommended that you do not undertake this walk. 

Maps & Full Details: Mystery Creek Track

Adamsons Falls

Location: South of Dover before Hastings cave turn off
Time: 2 Hours return.
Grade: Easy
The walk commences with an easy stroll through regrowth forests. The track is wide but littered with boggy sections. Gradually, the trail begins to climb and you weave your way through charming established rainforests. For the next 2km, the trail undulates through muddy forests before steepening at the final ascent to the waterfall. Once at the falls, a number of tiered sections can be accessed via short side trails. The most impressive view is offered at the top and under the falls themselves. As the ground is incredibly slippery, care should be taken when walking near the falls.

Maps & Full Details:  Adamsons Falls

Duck Hole Creek Track

Location: Dover
Time 1hrs.
Grade: Easy
This is an easy stroll to an idyllic lake. Duckhole Lake is a flooded sinkhole that is part of the surrounding cave and karst landscape. Highlights: This walk makes an enjoyable addition to a visit to the Hastings Caves or a drive along Forestry Tasmania's Arve River Forest Drive.  The walk takes you through a forest of stringybarks and rainforest species such as sassafras and myrtle, and sections of tea tree swamp. The track follows a late 19th century sawmill tramway for much of the way, and remnants of the tramway can be seen.

Maps & Full Details: Duck Hole Creek

Southport Bluff Beach Southport

Location: Ida Bay
Time: 3 hrs return.
Grade: Medium
The Ida Bay Railway is the simplest way to reach the beginning of the track to Southport Lagoon and Southport Bluff. The walking track begins from the “train station” at Deep Hole. This walk has some muddy sections. 

Southport Lagoon Walk Southport. 

Location: Southport:
Time (from Deep Hole): 2 to3 hours return
This shallow coastal lagoon is surrounded by a conservation area, protecting most of Tasmania’s marsupial species and a variety of bird species, including the rare ground parrot. The walking track begins from the ‘train station’ at Deep Hole.  

Maps & Full Details:  Southport Lagoon Walk

South Cape Bay Walk Southwest National Park

Time: 4 hrs return.
Grade: Moderate
The walk (located within the Southwest National Park) starts from the end of Australia’s most southerly road and is the eastern end of the popular seven day South Coast Track to Port Davey.

The Port Davey and South Coast Tracks Southwest National Park. 

Time: 6 to 8 days. Difficult There are no huts along the tracks so walkers must be fully self-sufficient, well-equipped and experienced. Tasmanian Expeditions (03) 6339 3999 can provide guided, fully inclusive walks from November to March 

Maps & Full Details:  South Coast Track

Other Walks in South West 

Mount Anne; Location: South West,  Grade: Very Hard, Time: 9 Hours

Mount Eliza; Location South West, Grade: Hard, Time: 6 Hours

The Needles; Location South West, Grade: Medium, Time: 2

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